1.0 Policy Statement

To meet the Standards for RTOs 2015 (v2.2 2019) this policy addresses Standards 1 and 5. 

2.0 Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that the appropriate advice is provided to a prospective learner about an RTO Training Product by addressing the learners’ needs to engage and successfully complete a course. This is taken into account by conducting: 

  • An assessment of an individual’s’ skills and competencies in the area of language, literacy and numeracy
  • A Pre-Training review  to determine the Learners/Students course and career outcomes. 

3.0 Responsibility

This policy applies to Students, Learners, Trainers and assessors.  

4.0 Definitions


Language Literacy and Numeracy 


Australian Core Skills Framework

5.0 Statement of policy

    1. LLN Assessment 

It is recognised that Learners/Students bring with them a priori of a vast range of skills, experiences, motivations and capabilities when enrolling in a training course. By assessing this priori in the areas of LLN, AVT can identify what additional student support is required for students/learners to successfully complete their course.

Where a specific level of LLN is required as a pre-requisite for a course, AVT will not allow the student enrolment into that course until the required level is achieved.

AVT will:

  • ensure that LLN requirements of course and units are integrated into the Learners/Students Training Plan and make reasonable adjustments in its delivery of Teaching and Learning to meet the relevant Training Package.
  • utilises the LLN ROBOT online assessment analysis tool, which aligns to the Australian Core Skills Framework (ACSF). The ROBOT generates individualised LLN Training programs and supplements for all Learners and Student’s. 
  • ensure that the LLN assessment tool is relevant to the course being applied for are offered to all new VET students

All AVT Trainers/assessors are responsible for identifying and reporting LLN needs of students during their training and providing support in implementing LLN strategies as required.

2. Pre -Training review 

A Pre-Training Review (interview) is conducted to assist the RTO to determine whether the course a Student/Learner has enrolled in is the most suitable program at a point in time for their career outcomes. It will also identify any support needs they may have once they commence their program, writing their training plan and assists in career planning for future pathways.  

The Pre-Enrolment Review form to be completed by all prospective non foundation skills students, prior to enrolment.

RPL process commences prior to enrolment. Students are enrolled in proposed RPL units after the pre-training interview has been conducted and the RPL pathway confirmed.