Our Story

Choices Flooring has always been at the forefront of innovative thinking in the floor covering industry. Although we recognise that traditional models for training apprentices have served the industry well over the last few decades, we are not afraid to challenge conventional wisdoms when it becomes clear that these approaches are no longer hitting the mark.

Many store owners have told us that they see the looming skills shortage as a weak link in their business operation that urgently needs to be �?future proofed’. But the training strategies currently on offer through government-funded apprenticeship programs are not attracting the best candidates for the job, and the apprentices who do sign up are not always learning the right mix of skills to adapt to the latest industry developments.

In response to these concerns, we have taken the initiative and formed a training division called the Newfurn Training Academy.

Over time, the Academy will roll out tailored programs in a wide range of areas, including Customer Service, Professional Sales, Interior Decoration, Business Management and Leadership. But at this stage of its development, the focus is on Flooring Installers and Apprentices.

CTI Genesis

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