1. Policy Statement

We apply these values to all our actions, decision-making and conduct and to demonstrate these values, learners must act respectfully towards others within their training environment as they are responsible and accountable for their actions and are required to be proactive in seeking information and assistance as required. 

2. Purpose

This Code sets out the standards of responsible and ethical behaviour and conduct expected of learners as part of contributing to a thriving, progressive, respectful and inclusive learning community.

3. Scope

This Code applies to all learners and students and should be read in conjunction with other policies and procedures.

4. Policy

Learner/ Student Responsibilities and Obligations

  1. undertake their educational work with integrity and honesty.
  2. work cooperatively and collaboratively with other students, staff, associates and partners.
  3. educate themselves on and comply with all relevant policies and with any codes of conduct and practice that apply to the course, including those of their employers.
  4. communicate with courtesy and consideration in person and online (including via email and social media).
  5. uphold the health, safety, wellbeing and privacy of others.
  6. use property, facilities and resources responsibly, in accordance with relevant policies and considering others’ needs.
  7. follow reasonable directions from staff.
  8. provide accurate personal details to the RTO, keep those details up to date, and read and respond to official  communications in a timely manner.
  9. Comply with the RTOs policies and procedures.
  10. Be free from the influence of alcohol and/or drugs on RTO grounds and employer premises. Learners/Students under the influence will be requested to leave.
  11. not use information communication technologies (ICTs), such as social media, mobile phones, text or instant messaging and websites to engage in behaviour that could be reasonably considered to have a negative impact on yourself or another person, cause them harm, or make them feel unsafe.
  12. Child abuse and all forms of harm to children under the age of 18 years is not acceptable and will not be tolerated.