Fees & Refunds - Chillingworth Training Institute

RTO Fees, Charges and Refunds Policy

1. Policy Statement

As a Registered Training Organisation must comply with the National Standards for Registered Training Organisation’s 2015; Chapter 2 Enrolment, Standard 5, and Standard 7, and Schedule 6.

The following fee information will be provided:

  • all fees payable, clearly describing all costs involved with the course.
  • how and when fees must be paid.
  • how to request a refund.
  • the conditions under which a refund would be provided.

2. Purpose

This policy is to ensure that CTI provides Learners/students with clear information regarding fees prior to

enrolment or commencement of training & assessment. The policy will ensure that fees paid in advance are protected and provides the conditions under which a refund may be granted.

3. Scope

The policy applies to all prospective learner/students seeking to enrol in a course offering.

4. Policy

4.1. Fee Structure

Each training program offered by CTI has a specific course fee. The course fee is the maximum fee that will be charged to the learner/student for a selected training program. This fee includes:

  • Administration fees
  • Tuition and assessment
  • Support
  • Consumables
  • Reference materials and mandatory textbooks
  • Access to resources and equipment

4.2. Re-Assessment Fees










4.2. Payment Plans

Students may make payments to via any of the following means:

  • Credit Card (MasterCard and VISA only)
  • Direct Deposit
  • BPay and Australia Post BillPay (selected locations only)
  • PayPal (selected locations only)

Prior to commencement, CTI cannot accept payments exceeding $1500 per student. Upon commencement, the maximum that CTI can accept is $1500 per student attributable to tuition or other services yet to be delivered to the student. Where a total course exceeds $2500, a Study Pay or pay as you go option will be used. This process is designed to protect and safeguard the student fees and ensure that students are not disadvantaged.

5.0 Refunds

Students will receive a full refund of fees paid and waiver of administration charge (if applicable) in the following circumstances:

  • CTI is unable to deliver the course for which the original enrolment and payment has been made and unable to continue to deliver the course as agreed.

The following conditions apply to refunds for unit of competency and skill set courses:

  • Cancellation with more than five (5) business days’ notice will result in a full refund.
  • Less than five (5) business days’ notice will not be eligible for a refund.
  • Withdrawal after the course has commenced will not be eligible for a refund.

The following conditions apply to refunds for full qualification courses:

  • Withdrawals prior to course commencement date will result in a full refund.
  • Withdrawal after course commencement will result in a partial refund for services not yet delivered.

Processing of Refunds

  • All refunds will be processed by the same method that the payment was received (i.e.. if paid by credit card, the payment will be refunded to the same card).
  • All applications for a refund are required to be reviewed by the RTO Manager for approval and will only be considered if all other options (e.g. deferral of course, transfer of fees to another course, etc.) have been considered.
  • Refunds as a result of an error or change by CTI will be processed within 10 business days; all other refund requests will be reviewed and processed within 30 days.
  • No refunds will be given with respect to Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) assessments.
  • Refunds will be paid to the person or organisation who made the original payment. 
  • Administration fees are non-refundable regardless of circumstances. 

6.0. Refunds Procedure

All fees and refunds are processed via the Student Services Co-Ordinator.