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As an Employer why hire an Apprentice?

There are many benefits of hiring an Australian Apprentice for your business, for both the apprentice and you and the employer.

Firstly, as a business, you will train the apprentice in skills and knowledge, processes suited to your organisation’s outcomes. The training received by an apprentice has been developed in conjunction with our industry standards, and because CTI is our group’s enterprise RTO, this training has been contextualised for Choices and Style’s business needs. Thus, an apprentice will be far more invested in your business and outcomes. Statistics (NCVER 2020) show that around 50% of apprentices stay in the same occupation and many other apprentices and trainees move into new roles in their industry.

Training up the next generation of skilled workers benefits your business and industry, as it addresses your skills shortages and ensures you have qualified and productive installers. You are investing into yours and our future as your RTO.

Developing the capability for your Floor Coverings business to grow, is no doubt one of your key priorities. Employing an apprentice is effective way to meet the demands of your business and increase your output and production. You are not just investing in the apprentice, but also in the future of your store as an ongoing concern.

Taking on an apprentice will bring new life and ideas into your workplace, as todays generation have a fresh perspective, and are innovative in ideas and using technology. It also allows for long term store staff members to impart their knowledge and skills, ensuring the valuable ‘tricks of the trade’ are passed on to the next generation.

This will future-proof your store’s business by investing as customised Choices/Style training provided by CTI, will develop the competencies and understanding needed by your apprentice to work in your floor coverings business.

Your Benefits

  • You will build your own Choices/Style skilled flooring installation team.
  • You will ensure the development of installers are suited to your products and services.
  • You will be involved with an apprentices training from the start, coaching them in your business methodology.
  • Your apprentices will build long term relationships with your clients and consumers, developing future business and networks for your store.
  • You will future proof the Choices and Style Flooring family.
  • The government pays you many incentives to sign up an apprentice, which includes subsidised apprenticeship wages.

Improve Customer Service and Satisfaction

By signing up your own apprentice(s) you will improve installation quality, reduce customer complaints, and reduce any rectification liability from outsourced flooring contractors. Having your own apprentice(s) ensures higher quality installation and greater customer satisfaction and bona fide customer satisfaction.

Add Diversity to your Workforce

An apprenticeship can give anyone the chance to learn a trade, and it even helps those who are underrepresented in the trade to be successful in their career path. For example, apprenticeships can bring in many younger people who will be a part of the next generation of flooring technicians. There are also programs that work specifically to get women, minorities, and those with disabilities into an apprenticeship. Diversity can bring innovative ideas into your company, and you may also be eligible for additional incentives by sponsoring an apprentice from an underrepresented group.

A flooring apprenticeship takes three years to obtain the MSF30818 Certificate III in Flooring Technology.

What options are there outside my business signing up an apprentice?

Ideally, Newfurn Ltd prefers that your store will sign up the apprentice and work with them for the full duration of the apprenticeship, but there are alternate options if that’s not possible.

Partnering with a Group Training Organisation (GTO) is a host employer who completes employer duties for apprentices and are responsible for ensuring their training. They will select and recruit apprentices, pay their wages, manage their training and provide the necessary support to complete their training.

A GTO is helpful to smaller stores who find committing to an apprenticeship difficult, lack the resources to manage an apprentice and cannot offer the full on the job training for an apprenticeship.

Want to sign up an apprentice? Contact us at the Chillingworth Training Institute today on 1800 813 538 or go to our website and send us your expression of interest.